Girls I need some advice please and Thank You!!

I'm Currently 18 years old, I have not dated, kissed and I am still a virgin... should I be embarresed ? My friends think its weird to be a virgin at this age but I just want to save it for my special one. I really want to date someone but I don't know where to start plus I am a very shy guy : ( . I really want someone to love and care for... I just feel so lonely...


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  • You will find someone when you are ready. I'm 18 and still a virgin as well, I haven't been in a relationship, and although I'd want that someone to hold I am happy with my single life. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin. I actually applaud you because males get so much more rap for not having sex than girls do. If a girl has sex she is a slut. If a guy has sex he is a king. Bullsh*t. Be who you are, and make sure you have a good steady single life before thinking of sharing it with someone. Your relationships will only be as good as your single life is.

    • Thanks for the advice! really appreciate it! I hope that special one will show up soon!


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  • Whoa! You sound like me completely except different gender. I am shy as well and I have never dated in my whole life. You should not be embarrassed because I'm 21 and still a virgin.

    • Aww... some really nice people gave me some awesome advice, Maybe it will work for you too... but the shyness is a big thing for me ... ; ( its going to be the tough one.. : (

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  • There's nothing wrong with who you are. Relationships and love aren't something that should ever be defined by someone else, but rather, only you. Never, ever, let someone else determine what you should be in your love life. Simply put, only you and the girl you love are the only parties that matter in the long run. When you find that girl, you'll know. Until that time, work on improving yourself day by day and when you do find that special someone, they can appreciate you for the waiting that you made worth it.

    • Thanks man! I'll be more patient and try to work on my shyness thanks!

  • "should I be embarresed ? "


    "I don't know where to start plus I am a very shy guy "

    You start by working on your shyness. You need to learn to be more outgoing, more extroverted, more sociable, and more confident.

    Complete that task, and you'll find someone in no time at all.

    • Thank you so much for your advice , appreciate it.