How do I become a better kisser?

i have liked this guy but we weren't officaly dating one time he went to kiss me and I just kissed him like I was kissing my grandma... I left embaresed and now I'm scared he doesn't like me and he has lots of experience and I have none


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  • Don't assume he doesn't like you. Keep in contact to see what he really feels. Maybe he'll be the one to teach you how.


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  • I agree with Hercules. You really shouldn't assume that he doesn't like you. Chances are, he understands and knows that you're not experienced in this matter.

    Unfortunately, the only way to become a better kisser is to kiss more. Also, maybe try not being so hesitant about it when he comes in to kiss you. Just make sure you're comfortable with the guy... All else comes easily after that :)