What do you guys aim to do on a second date?

What do you guys aim to do on a second date? what are some things you want on a second date? what do you want to do with her/ him? what's the point of a second date? thoughts?


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  • well, it is to see if you want to progress with this person. Sometimes first dates are a bit iffy and you aren't turned off by the person and all...a lot of times they say "if the first date isn't bad, go on a second one"..you know, that drill. So I would say the second will really determine if I want to see the person again or not. Not if I want a relationship necessarily, but just if I want to spend more time with him.

    But, if I'm not "feeling it" or see myself spending more time with him and possibly wanting to be in a relationship with him after the second date, I would say it's useless.

    To me, getting to the third date after the second is a big milestone, because the second date IMO is like a continuation of the first date. You either liked the person on the first and you are double checking yourself, or if you were a bit ambivalent towards the person on the first date, this is your determination to see him again or not.

    If it goes well, I would definitely want to kiss by the second date.


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  • The point of the second date is to get to know you better. If we haven't kissed yet, I'd be expecting it by now if we seem to be getting along very well. I want to know there's enough interest there to make it worth my while to set up a third date. As for the specifics of the date itself, I say go with the flow. Making things too structured can ruin the fun of it.

  • 3rd date...

    Probably had intimate action on 1st date, which would be the same on 2nd. So, yes, looking forward 3rd date!

  • F*** for the second time?


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