Yesterday he didn't contact me at all. Why would he do this?

OK so me and this guy have been talking everyday since the end of November. Yesterday he didn't contact me at all which I found was really odd, so why would he do that? And tost he was back to his normal self. It made me freak out I as like I was thinking he wasn't gonna talk to me anymore I feel a little foolish now. I did the mature adult thing and didn't send text after text I just texted him once yesterday.

Haha I was totally overreacting thank god lol

We're fine now


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  • ha ha same story as mine,i didn't called her, it was jus yesterday, since November,i guess its not u, whom I have been talking from November, , well I didn't called her yesterday, because I wish her to miss me for a day, and see her response the next day, nopes I wasn't busy at all, actually my fingers were automatically heading to call her, but I controlled it so hardly, trust me it was in real very tough time,i did such in order to have some feelings on her, and creat some space for me, and I don't want it to be pushy, ;) and see the response she called me today by herself, and I m so happi for that today, hope rest of the things my god would favour me for that, love her so much, and want the same feelings to be built from her end as well...!


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  • glad to hear it, thts really grt, and my case was also the same,she reacted overwhelmingly, after a day of gap, so tht means you need a break for your solitude, and time for yourself too, tht sounds better in the sence you are not pushing your partner to u, its a assurance from both end...!


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  • Every day since the end of November and one day he's too busy with other things.

    You need to relax. No offense intended, just take a deep breath and realize that you're taking a molehill and turning it into a mountain.

  • wow I've had to deal with the same thing and I know exactly how you feel but trust me, don't overthink the situation and freak out. if it was just yesterday then everything is fine because he was probably just busy...keep in mind that guys don't devote their lives to their phones like girls do. it was only one day, don't worry :)

    • I know now not to worry like that again I just couldn't stop thinking of the idea of losing him and my mind was all over yesterday! Guys don't know what they do to girls haha

    • i completely understand you...its ridiculous!