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How do Japanese guys like to be flirted with on the internet in social networking site? They seem very shy. How can I get them to feel conferable?

I am crushing on a Japanese guy and he trys to communicate with me when he can and we both like the same things. How can I keep him interested? He wished me a happy birthday and wants to drink with me when I do go to Japan and he is concerned about me.
He is concered about where I just moved to and drinking alone and telling me it is ok to drink alone. I should share some of his messages. He is the same age as me and so cute. Do you think he is already interested in me?


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  • Although it does depend on the guy, the Japanese culture tends to be more reserved I'd think. I would just continue to be very friendly and outgoing until they relax enough to return the favor.


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  • They usually are shy but English is not their native language. I've lived in Japan for 10 years and I may not be an expert here but Japanese men are different than western men. I think you can find your answers on . There are many people there to help answer any questions you have and a wealth of information about Japan. good luck in your search.

  • i don't think there's any difference in Japanese men and all other men, just depends on the particular guy you're trying to talk to

  • I tend to agree to this as well. Guys everywhere are not much different when it comes to flirting/dating. Though culture has some influence, but I guess not much, Personal traits play a bigger factor.

  • try

  • lmfao. when I used to flirt on the internet, my selfconfidence was above the roof. Tom Cruise high you know. ... because of anonymity, you can be who you want to be really, yourself or youself(+confidence boosted you)

    • Ha wow I'm the total opposite, I find flirting online extremely awkward.. I have to type out what I would do in a situation, it feels weird to me and I feel dorky haha.

    • I guess its cause when you are face to face, there's more pressure, but online its like none at all.

  • Watch some Hentai, no, watch a lot of Hentai and get some ideas about the Japanese mind.

    I once dated a Japanese girl. The first time I got her naked, I thought I needed new glasses. Her pubic region was all blurry.

    If you can figure out that last comment, you can figure out what Japanese men are dying to see.

    Also, how good are you at playing a schoolgirl?


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