Why is it OK for guys to not send messages for days but its not ok...?

when a girl takes a few days herself? OK so I've noticed a few girls on here wondering and feeling a little upset when their man doesn't send them a message for a few days. I read some of the guy responses on here and basically what I understood is that guys just aren't into messaging, etc. like girls are. so the question is why would a guy get choked with his girl for not sending him a message for a few days (ok maybe a few extra days)? and then overreacting and coming to the conclusion that I don't want to keep in touch with him and that I ended our relationship. for god sakes now what? I sent him a reply to his message (same day) assuming its over and I apologized for making him feel that way and now he won't talk to me. would a guy seriously write a woman off like that or are his feelings hurt and he's needs some time (like a few days or maybe a few extra days... like I did :o) isn't that like a double edged sword or something?


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  • Sounds like he's overreacting. But everyone's different about how much and how often they want to keep in contact. I think both genders are the same though.

    • thanks for telling me he over reacted because that's totally how I feel about the way he's behaving myself. I'm still in dog house too so geez what does it take? I guess now I know how guys feel when girls over react about not messaging on a more consistent basis :o)

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  • I am not sure if this is what your lookin for.

    But in my case, yea, msging on the phone is really boring ( old school)

    I prefer twitter fb or even whatsapp


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  • nobody likes to be ignored, so when a guy sends a message and doesn't get a reply he starts to worry the same way a girl would. In your case however, that sounds like an absolute overreaction

    • thank you for your comment and yeah I totally feel bad about how he's reacted. he's still pissed at me and I'm doing what I can to explain myself. geez huh?