Girls, best place for a first date?

So I want a girls point of view on this. I've asked my male buddies and got varied answers. I wanna know what you girls prefer. Fire away! :)


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  • It always depends on the seasons. Summer is a lot easier, as you can have picnics, go for walks, fairs, amusement parks if she likes rides, etc.

    As you are asking now, and it's winter and no TOO cold out, you can still go skating together, bring her sight-seeing (like on top of a mount that overviews the city) at night could be really romantic.

    For me, the first date has to be something really special, a night where you can just get to know each other, tease, flirt and have a lot of fun! To test out vibes, chemistry and feel, try something casual and somethings you'd love to do with your best friend. Sometimes, even girls can enjoy laser tag and arcades!

    Don't go to the movies, that' can be done once you already know each other, dinners can be too serious, but good for conversations.

    The trick is to find something you both like and then share that passion together. It differs from couple to couple. Some couples are creative and can go to some pottery-making class and some other really like rock and can go to a concert together!

    Good luck!


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  • It really depends on the girl and her interests. For example, I'm not the outdoorsy type so taking me to a ballgame or hiking isn't really my idea of fun. For a first date, I personally like having a nice meal somewhere and then taking a walk afterward together just to chat some more.

    Some generic suggestions are amusement park or skating (since it's winter now).

    I wouldn't recommend a movie though - I have no idea why so many people go watch a movie on the first date. Staring at a screen for a couple of hours with no opportunity to talk or get to know each other seems to defeat the purpose but maybe it works for some people :)

    • I've always sworn by the movie date but I agree there isn't much talking time. Back when I was a dirty little player, movies were good for instantly getting close to a girl and making out. I want a bit more than that now. Thanks for your answer, skating sounds like a great idea :)

  • Good places


    -Bowling alley/lunch

    Bad places

    Movies is a bad idea because well, you're too busy watching the movie and not getting enough time to know the girl.

  • Well a walk on the beach during sunset or park.

    TBH I would not mind a date where the guy cooks a dinner and instead of a movie we play video games and talk. Weird I know but it seems like it would be so much fun!

  • A nice wine bar to have a few small drinks and talk...get to know each other a bit. No 20questions, just talking and having a laugh. Little bit of music. Nice lighting. Dinner's too heavy. Movies limit conversation.

  • Park or downtown a walk down there something nice and simple

  • Amusement park. I want to ride all the rides until I throw up, or not quite.


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