How long should I wait?

So I met this really nice and cute girl yesterday and we talked for a while. I didn't ask her for her number Because I thought it was too early but rather we became friends on Facebook. We agreed to meet and I said I will message her on Facebook so we could meet. How long should I wait to message her? Any idea of what we could do when we meet will be appreciated also.


Well, it's been 2 days since I messaged her and have got no reply. I have seen her online, so why won't she reply to my message?


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  • Most guys say wait 3 days but I think that's Bulls**t. From my experience, waiting 3 days usually results in the girl forgetting about you and the time she spent with you.

    You should message her as soon as possible so the time she has already spent with you is fresh in her mind and she will be more likely to meet up with you. Don't worry about sounding needy because it's only a first meeting. Good luck :)


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  • Well... you shouldn't hesitate and you should do it now before she would like someone else. When you meet, you could go watch a move, walk in the park and talk about things, you could just hang out and eat. At least that's what I would do. People have different styles to the relationship they want. Just follow your heart.


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  • Well that was a mistake. That was the perfect opportunity to ask for her number. Still now you have her on fb you should be able to figure out what she likes doing. That's more information than you had before. No need to delay. Ask her to meet on a day you're free, have some backup days in mind if she's busy. Decide where you're going to take her before you ask.