What is a legitimate online dating site?

I feel like many sites use fake accounts with very good looking people to attract others to make a profile. Is lavalife any good? if you've had luck, please share :)


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  • OkCupid was pretty good when I tried it. I made an account there a long time ago, not really expecting anything. Just to see what it was like. It showed me some pretty interesting people that I really wouldn't mind meeting in real life. :o

    Try it out if you want. Plus it's got some fun stuff there, like little quizzes you can take. =p Here's the link:


    • ironically enough, that's the only one I've tried thus far. I didn't have any luck there.


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  • If your a girl then your pretty much in luck. Try Plentyoffish or Okcupid

  • They all suck horribly if you want face value guarantees. You need to go to any free site and use smart techniques, and it's just about the same on all of them, including the pay ones. The fake people are usually obvious. Nice pics with not much written in their profile, or nothing original.


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