Guys- what do late texts mean?

A girl sends a guy a text message and no response for a few hours. Then he sends her a text around 2 or 3am. But the text are random comments and not sexual. Guys- do you texts your friends that late?


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  • I have heard that if a guy get a hold of you late at night then he is just horny and wants you probably for the wrong reasons. Unless he is up for work at that time, whether going to or coming home. Also another thing to think about is how many times this has happened. Maybe he lost his phone and just found it and he didn't want you to think he was ignoring you. Or maybe he got your text and he didn't want to reply but then he got drunk and text you back. What did you text him about and want exactly did he text back? With this question details matter.


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  • Either, he doesn't want to seem too eager and he feels the need to wait. He has to have a couple of drinks before he's comfortable responding. Or, he was busy all night.


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  • he's probably trying to feel her out for a possible hookup yet not be overt.