Valentines day problem?

So I'm thinkin of asking this girl from school to prom tomorrow, sappy yes I know but hey, anyone have any thoughts or ideas thatd be amazin


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  • I agree with livi23 that you should surprise her or something. a little mini treasure hunt would really be a cute idea, as well as the sticky notes on the car/locker. you could also try this, although I don't know how your school would feel about this. Ask a teacher/principal, or someone call her down to the office, where there is a flower and a note left for her that says "meet me at -insert place here- after school, or during lunch, or whenever" and then meet her there and ask her. My cousin did this with his date, and it was so cute! Good luck!


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  • Does she have a car? If she does use sticky notes and spell out "PROM?" with stickies on her windshield :)

    Or you could do a treasure hunt! Leave her notes and signs leading to where you are hiding (most likely a secluded romantic place), and be standing there with a big sign that says "PROM?" :)

    Or do the sticky notes thing on her locker and be hiding behind something, and come out and surprise her :) Either way she'll love any way you ask her :)

  • Get some friends together and sing to her "Go to prom with me?" and do a little dance


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