Can texting a girl get you on her mind?

And not like a dumb conversation, but one in which you teased each other.

I texted this girl whom I haven't seen in a couple weeks and won't for a couple weeks more, thinking that maybe it'll keep me on her radar. It was a fun wasn't overboard, just a few texts both ways spread over several hours (I was busy, but she responded right away whenever I sent something). She had the last say, I kind of wanted to leave her hanging for more.


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  • of course you leave her thinking about you!when we recieve a text m(whomever it is) we defenetly start thinking "why he texted us" "was he thinking about me?" and stuffed like that ;)

    second, if she had the last word she will not text you back, most of us try to "stay calm" and don't seem desperate because we don't want to have 2 texts in a row! if she text you back you have to think everything that is happening backstage the message ;) (how brave she was , how she though about every detail , etcetc) ;)

    and last but not least, if she had the last word, other day... use that to text her back! you can add a "sory I didn't answer :( " or "heey! wats up?want to continue the conversation of the other day ;)" etcetc , it will work for sure! :)

    gooooooooooooooood luck! hope I did helped! :)

    ps, we looooooooooooove <3 smiley faces! for some reason boys don't use them a lot :/ , but use them! she will like it :)


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  • if she replied that quickly then she either really wanted to talk to you or she had nothing better to do .. my guess is the first one . and YES it usually does cause us to think about the guy quite a bit , especially when we try not to . Leaving us hanging can also get us to think of you more , but it`s not always a good thing

  • Leaving her hanging for more will definitely keep you on her mind but don't do that too much because then she'll get annoyed and think your purposely avoiding her


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  • Yup.