GUYS: How often do you text a girl that you like?

Do you maintain contact daily or a few times a week? and also, would you spend every Saturday/Sunday (sleepover) with a girl you had no interest in at all?


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  • I make it a point to not text her too much because I know women are skittish creatures and will think you are stalking them if you (god forbid) try to contact them too much.

    I limit myself to no more than 2-3 before I wait for a response from her. I will not text her again after that until she texts me first.


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  • I mean with me it's sort of like She initiates one time then I'll initiate contact the next time.

    • i initiate a lot more than he does but if I don't text him, he will text me within a couple days. he always initiates confirming plans when we make them and the day of he will make sure we are still on or something. but I was just curious if its normal for a guy to not talk to a girl he likes for a couple days or if that is a bad sign

    • probablly not trying to come on real stalkerish like or keep you waiting.

    • he is also really busy during the week and passes out almost as soon as he gets home. he works like 12 hr days as a personal trainer and has class and plays a sport. and he spends just about his only free time with me. so I think that's a good sign but I'm used to guys texting me a lot, so maybe he is just trying to keep me guessing

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  • Do you mean when the guy is interested or when he's your bf? I'll let the guys answer for the interested part but my ex would every day.

    • interested. if he was my boyfriend, he should be texting me daily haha