I have a serious dilemma with a girl I'm in love with but scared of what to do

Ok so I met this girl around two months ago obviously I thought she was attractive right away little did I kno she is amazing like everything I've wanted in a girl we have so much in common its crazy thing is she lives pretty far away.She still lives with her mother who is very strict(just turned 18) and wants out of her home.I have offered her to move along with me and I would help her get on her feet she's kinda nervous to do so and I should probaly mention we met in rehab so she's thinking about going to a halfway house. I don't want her to go because I don't want us too be so far apart anymore and I also don't want to grow apart . Am I being selfish? are we jumping the gun? she's leaving the decision up to me I love this girl so much and I kno everyone is going to wanna point out the rehab factor but I don't care were I met her she is like perfect for me. I need to kno if I should let her go all together or wait it out and try this long distance relationship?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Right first things first, It would be best to help her out if she leaves home but I don't think having her move in with you will be the best thing to do, it's just simply too soon and things like this should be taken slowly. Also ask her if leaving home is what she really wants and you need to ensure that's it's the best choice for her. And no your not been selfish you clearly have feelings so it's natural for you to not want her to move. But I just think you need to step back and look at the situation in perspective you don't need to be worrying your self about a long distance relationship because it might never come to that, I hope this helped :)


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  • She's young and clearly very vulnerable so you need to proceed very carefully. Moving her in with you is definitely not a good idea for a few reasons: you don't know her that well and it's too soon, her mom will feel like you stole her and corrupted her for your own pleasure and the less you do to antagonize a prospective mother in law, the better. If you can work it out, get her in a halfway house near you and let her make sure she's clean and sober for awhile. Only then can she fully participate in the decisions.