Should I ask him to hangout?

So there's this guy in my class that I really like, he recently told me that he and his girlfriend broke up. I have an opportunity to ask him to hangout with me and my best friend and her boyfriend, but I'm scared he'll think I'm desperate. We talk a lot in class but not so much text, I just don't know if I should ask him to hangout or not.


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  • It might be a bit awkward since it seems like it would look like a double date, and he's just coming off a break up. He needs time, you can talk to him of course, just maybe not this way.


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  • I say go for it! What harm can be done? Its not like you're asking him on a date, it sounds like you are asking him to hang out with you and a group of friends. this might be just what he needs to help take his mind off the breakup. If he does say yes, just keep it cool and casual , be a friend for him, and I wouldn't bring up the breakup unless he brings it up first.