Heads or tails of the situation?

I have been going to this one store for a while, and I finally got the guts to ask for the girl who works there’s number. She seemed hesitant but she gave it to me we texted a lot one night, but other than that nothing big. I asked to talk with her yesterday night she agreed but when I called her she was driving so I told her to call me when she gets home (this was at 9:30pm). 11pm comes around nothing I text her I'm going to bed and this is what I got “I’m sorry! I forgot… Buenas noches :(.” Haven't texted her all day today because that irritated me… Now my question is should I stop pursing? I can't make heads or tails of the situation…

Thank you.


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  • Thing is, she is really, not that into you... And because you've shown interest, she's probably not going to fall heads over heels with you! By not texting her your just making it worst, if you really like her I think you should pursue, and make her like you (I can try to help you with that), if you don't like her that much, just move on :)

    • I was going to wait a day before texting her because I wanted to see if she would text me today. It hurts me to admit it, but you're probably right on the fact that she is not that into me... I mean how could you forget to call someone if you're interested...

    • Hehehe, she didn't call, it hurts you and makes you want you want her even more. OK I would advice you make her need you for something, do you know what she likes? If you do maybe your good at something she likes, and she might need you to teach her. Or she really wants to go somewhore you have the tickets to...


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  • You should stop pursuing,...dont waste your time! If this chick liked you the first moment she saw you she would've been thinking about you all day and would've called you right away after work and would'nt have waited till 11pm WTH who does that,..lol Point is,..dont waste your time on people who aren't worth it; look for someone else that's interested in you as you are in them.


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  • Ask her on a date. Stop wasting time and making yourself look bad. Chances are pretty good that if she gave you her real number she is open to going on a date with you (why else would you ask for her number). All you need to do is man up and ask her.

    • I wanted to ask her to hangout over the phone, but we didn't end up talking... Because asking something like that through text seems weird.

    • Don't say "hangout" to her, say "date".