Would you date someone who talked trash about you in the past?

Past as in over 3 years ago. He never said any of these things 2 my face, but I know he said trash because I've heard from more than one people on totally different occaissions. He would say mean stuff & it was a lot of times he would say these brutal things. I ran into him a few months ago after years of not seeing him,we spoke a few times (I kept telling myself that it was years ago that he said those stuff, can't still be mad) then he asked me out on a date. Haven't got back 2 him o that 1. The reason why is because he said those degrading things. I feel real stupid telling him, "I don't wanna go on a date with you because a couple years ago, you said bad stuff about me" he's gonna say it was years ago or they're lying (and the people that told me this, we stop being friends a long time ago so I can't asked them 2 defend themselves" so should I just ignore him(yeah its rude but so was he) or what would YOU do in this situation?


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  • no I wouldn't date him or be his friend. he has bad character and no respect for others. I don't wanna trust someone like that. he's also immature bad mouthing someone for no reason. I can see junior high school girls doing it but grown men...nuh uh. its embarrassing for a guy to gossip and trash an innocent girl.

    just move on. don't trust someone like that. there are better men out there.

    i speak from experience. I liked this guy in college and he would flirt with me and be nice to my face, but when wed have lunch with other friends, he'd be talking to the other guys about how ugly this girl was, or how weird this other chick was, or how his female friend tried to hook him up with another random chick and how fugly she was. I totally lost all respect for him. he was so shallow and retarded. and oh he totally played me too just flirting for attention. good thing I stopped talking to him for good.


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  • If she apologizes to me and is truly regretful, I would forgive her and give her a second chance.


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  • Hell no I would not date him. There are too many guys in the world for me to give him a chance when I could date someone else. How would you be able to trust him? How do you know he still sees you that way and is only trying to date you for the sex? I'd assume a guy who said nasty things about me would only try to play me. I wouldn't trust him

    If you don't trust him, then just tell him NO and close the subject. You have every right to feel how you feel, who cares what he's gonna say? What can he do about it?