Need dating advice... How do I start going out with this girl?

Well, this isn't something I'd normally do, but I need some help. My mother passed away a few years ago (this is not about that), and I've gotten help and I feel better. Which brings me to my next point, I like this girl, but I'm relatively new to this and I would like some guidance. I've asked my friends, but I'm at an age where people assume you know already enough about relationships and how to be in one, so they don't really take me seriously:P

So, I'm looking for anyone who has a general understanding of most girls (mostly because my crush is very different than others), and all that talking to her stuff, texting her, etc.

She has a tough personality to read, including when you're almost clueless about women haha, so tell a little about yourselves if want to help:)


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  • Step 1. Be nice and let her know how you feel.

    Step 2. Oh wait?! that's really all you need to do.

    Seriously, you won't get anywhere if she doesn't know you see her like that. If you have to, get drunk and tell her how you feel. All that matters is that you get it out there. After that, there really isn't any advice that will help you since she'll either reciprocate those feelings or she won't. And it's not the end of the world if she doesn't because if your mature about it and just talk to her as a friend then she may eventually develop feelings for you.


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  • If she's tough to read, relax and take your time. Get to know her as a friend first. Not only will you get a better understanding of who she is fundamentally, but you'll be laying the foundation for a solid relationship in the process.

    As for trying to "know" girls, take a deep breath because you'll be working on this one the rest of your life. Everyone is different and understanding the opposite gender can often be confusing.


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  • don't try to understand a woman ever. You will figure out the secrets of the universe sooner. Try to be a good listener and just be together. Enjoy the little things in life.