I feel like I don't have a chance with American women.

I grow up in American all my life. The reason why I don't feel I will have a relationship with American women because I hear a lot of women don't like or hate or don't want to date black men. It make me fear of approach them because maybe I will get rejection every time. Believe it or not now a days black women go for another race more than before. Don't get me wrong I like all race. Beautiful women won't date them because of damn media. I think I will have a chance with foreign girls because they are less judgment and less care about race.

Oh great, now he blocked me during he still bash on me p**** anonymous


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  • Come to Europe then. We are not racist like you guys in the US.

    • Yea I hear good things about Europe. I like about Europe, they don't care about race why because they know about true love but in American they know absolutely nothing about true love. That why American have the most divorce in the world, it sad but true.

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  • it is based on personality. white women date black men, Asian date black men but it seems that some black men do not treat black women with respect. also black men are afraid of taking things to the next level so if you are ready, you will find a partner.

  • Not true. I have a lot of white girl friends that ONLY date black men.

    • Did you read my question? I said I like all race it mean I will date all race but most girls won't go for black men in American that different.

    • Dude...wtf. Did you read my answer? You said "I hear a lot of women [...] don't want to date black men" and I'm telling you it's not true. There are a lot of American women that only want to date black men.

    • Now that better you saying American women instead of white women that what I want to hear no hard feelings :)

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  • I'm Black, and all I've dated have been American women.