Will I Regret Not Going?

Ok, so I am graduating this year and that always means one thing...


I really don't want to go but my mom is really pushing me to go, she didn't go to hers lived to regret it, yady yada whatever. Only two of my friends are going (that I know of right now) and I don't have a date either and I know I probably wont. Anyway, I just think that the money spent on a dress, hair ect could be put to better use.

I am just kinda stuck on what to do, I don't feel like I will regret it, but ya know it only happens once kinda thing, I just find like I am not the type of girl that really does the dancing dress girlyness of it all.

Just wondering what people thing bout that matter, anything would be great! Thanks and feel free to add :D


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  • I didn't go to mine in high school. I was never big into dances and that sort of thing either. I actually wanted to go with this girl, but she was going out of town that week, so since I wasn't going with her I didn't really have any other reason to go. 5 years later and I don't regret it at all. Your whole life changes after high school and that whole time seems like a distant memory, I only hang out with one friend from high school still. So I would say if you want to go and try to have a good time then go with a group of friends if you don't have a date. But if you don't end up going, it really doesn't matter at all, rarely do people ever talk about their prom after graduating high school.


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  • I can't guarantee how you'll feel, but by the sound of it, you won't regret not going. It sounds like you don't think it's very fun anyway (I have to agree with you there). When it comes down to it, a few years from now, you're probably not going to give a crap whether you went to prom or not. I remember my classmates basically worshiping prom, but I was perfectly satisfied with opting out.

    You'd be surprised how everything about high school is suddenly unimportant once you're not there anymore.


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  • Well I was never into prom and stuff. Dancing really wasn't my thing and I did get asked but I was too shy to go. I didn't end up going and I don't regret it cause I know that I wouldn't have really enjoyed it and it wasn't my thing. In your case you could go just cause you have two friends that don't have dates either and you might feel more comfortable with them. I do agree that money could be put to better use cause they spend a fortune on prom. I had one friend that spent over $300 on a limo, dress, and hair and makeup stylist. Its totally up to you but you and your mom are different so just cause she regretted it doesn't mean that you will too.