Just What is Her Prob?

Me and this girl where good friends for a while. Then we had a little fling together and it didn't work out. I broke up with her a twice, and she broke up with me once (which is the one that stuck). So we obviously weren't meant to be. No prob... I'm cool with it.

We decided to be friends after words... talking infrequently, and such. She invites me over to her SuperBowl party... and I went. She was a huge bitch all night. I don't even know what her problem was... she was constantly making rude comments to me, and references to her new f*** buddy. I didn't mind, except the constant rude remarks she made to me.

WTF?!?!? I'm over this shit. I thought we were going to be friends, she wanted us to be over and we are. She has nothing to be pissed at me about. I don't get it, it makes no sense. Could someone please explain the mind of an 18 year old girl to me?

Any idea's about how I should handle it? Please keep in mind, that this is someone whom I care deeply about. And I'm not gonna lie, I would still consider trying again if she were interested. But right now, I would be happy with us just being civil.


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  • okay, first off, she is 18. she is immature in telling you about what she wants. first off, she is horny, and wants to experience sex with others, being tied down in a relationship is something that want stick at this moment, maybe in a couple of months, but not now. Trust me I know these things, I'm about to turn 20 next month. :-)/ anywho, at the superbowl party, she was bein childish because she is not sure how to act after bein involved with a friend more than once. Nobody knowa how to be friends after something like this,but it is possible. I have had flings with guys who I still have as friend now. but she is only 18, so you are basically dealing with a premie. give her sometime to realize her stupidity. oh and don't call for a while unless she does first, but be short and frank. that really gets females sweating bullets, but really it will be good for you and her, especially you. have a fling with someone at least 1 or 2 years older. :-)


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  • Sounds like she's still bitter about what happened and she hates you. I felt like that after my ex-bf and I split, let her vent, but try not to retaliate like you are doing.keep the peace in the way, best you can.

    There may have been some past misunderstanding and she is just venting. Perhaps has other stresses in her life and maybe the closest person in her life is the one she is using to throw all the blame in her life on is you. Don't take it personally. Talk to her when she's sober and ask her. Have a serious conversation with her. Good that you two are still friends. Me and my ex-bf aren't civil at all-I hate him for letting me go and I don't care about wtf he's doing right now...so if you truly want her back, do it. show her that yyou care.

    She may have residual feelings for you. If it's just remarks and not like violence, then yeah, it's just her venting about the break up.

    • She wanted the break up. And honestly I chased for a bit, but I realized that it wasn't what she wanted to so I stayed away. This is what she wanted. She is acting like the dumped, and I don't get it.

    • Perhaps she pushed you away for a reason that was out of her control, just speculation, and perhaps because of her emotions blinding her at the moment, she is not dealing with the issue properly. She should calm down and talk to you about any issues that you or her may have overlooked that wasn't a problem, otherwise, you being rational and being 'over it' is pretty good...so she shouldn't be acting that way if nothing is wrong.

  • Sounds to me like she's not handling the breakup that well, I think she is trying to make you jealous with making reference to her f***buddy and she is being rude because she's hurt.

    I think she just wants to get back together

    • Update: Talked to her today. She said she was being a huge asshole that night. She said "i've never seen you act like that before" and then asked me if I was on anything. The funny thing is that I was thinking the same thing about her. And honestly I did get kinda of asshole with her after she started being rude. My confusion has reached new heights.

  • WOW. She's really rude and immature. Just ignore her. She doesn't know what she's missing out;-)


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  • She's still bitter over the breakup and wants to make you jealous.