how do you like for girls to kiss you?

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Where. How. And best way to do. What turns you on.


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  • For me I like a long French kiss with slow gentle tongue action but lots of contact. Arms around each other or caressing and holding her somehow and rubbing up against one another. Touching during a kiss turns me on more.Helps if you really like the girl. And being comfortable with your partner and the more you are relaxed the better,so you can just concentrate on each other.Then it is better. This makes me turned on like crazy with right woman immediately and rock hard after afew minutes.Also helps to glaze in each others eyes. I try to feel what and how she is feeling so I can usually tell what and how a girl wants it and if she is turned on by how I am kissing her.Usually it seems the girl can feel how a man wants it too,so I think with time you learn.helps to have someone experienced to show you what you like sometimes.But it is fun to learn together too and it could give you a special bond with the person.

    Kissing like this during sex at times when you can is even better,but even without sex it is the best.If your looking to turn a guy on most likely he will want to do at least some touching.

    most girls/women I think like this too. Atleast from my experience and opinion most the time it makes them super horny and dripping wet. I am not cocky or anything I am just a selfless lover.


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  • I love it when my girlfriend climbs on my lap face to face and locks her hands behind my neck, then pulls me in with a nice long French kiss then ending with a regular kiss kinda biteing my lip. I find that so hot!

  • I love it when my girlfriend french kisses me then bites my lip and then she moves up my cheek up to my ear and bites my ear and sucks on my ear.


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