Should I text him? is he interested?

a guy I've been texting asked me if I wanted to meet him for coffee last night, we hung out for about an hour and then he drove me home. we texted briefly afterward but I Haven't heard from him today.. does this mean he isn't interested? should I text him or should I wait for him to text me?


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  • Honestly, coming from much experience...some guys don't text the next day because you made them feel a certain way (usually something good) like they like you and are interested, sometimes so that they don't know what to say and they are uncertain that you aren't feeling that way. Mostly because sometimes as girls, we don't want to seem like we are that interested, because we aren't sure if the guy is feeling the same way so we send off vibes that a guy takes in as "not interested." so text him to reassure him that you are indeed interested. Don't wait around for him, go after what you want. And if he doesn't respond or if he does and tells you he isn't interested than move on. You ARE the best thing that could ever happen to him. Believe it.

  • If he haven't text you for a day, I doubt its because he's not interested. Maybe he had a lot going on that day or maybe he don't want to crowd your space by texting you too much.