Should a guy kiss a girl on a first date or not?

If its going well and she seems to like him should he kiss her...cause if she seems to like him and he does not kiss her then I reckon there will be a no 2nd date right ladies. and what are some def. signals she wants him to go in for the kiss...any tips Because I got a date soon tonight and need some quick answers darn it.


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  • It depends on several factors. How did the date go? Was there good chemistry? What are the two daters cultural backgrounds? etc, etc

    Then there are some girls who won't kiss on a first date and others (like me) who wonder if he's really into me if he doesn't at least attempt to.


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  • No. Me being a girl and knowing many other girls, me and some of the other girls I know rather a guy kind of play hard to get I guess because it makes us hooked to that guy and makes us want him even more.

  • I think it's a good idea to kiss on the first dates cause if you keep things too platonic, she might not develop feelings for you as easily.


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