What would you think if you got this text?

"Hey (insert name)! So there's a party at this guy Phil's house tonight. You're welcome to come :)"

If you got this text, would you think the person who sent it likes you? Assuming it is a person of the opposite gender


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  • do you hang out with this person a lot? or no. because if you guys are friends then I would just be like, cool, I'm getting invited to a party :D if you and I don't really know each other I might suspect something.

    • I sent it to a guy that I hung out with once, we talk often but not all the time

    • then if I were him I would suspect that you have a little thing for him, for sure.

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  • No, sounds like a friendly invite to me.

  • If it's someone I don't really talk to I would assume that. But if it's someone I know I would just take it as an invite.