Do you call someone back if you do not want to talk to them?

A male friend whom I used to talk to once a week, well, we hadn't talked for about 7 months. I called him and left a message on his phone that simply said "Merry Christmas" and hoped all was well. He waited 10 days to call me back, I missed his call, so he left a message that told me to call him back and that all was well.

I waited 2 weeks (I didn't want to look pushy) to call him, the first time that night I got his voicemail, and told him to call me back. He called me back that same night. Well, we were talking about his truck, just a regular conversation, and he told me he was about to get pulled over by the police for speeding and HE suggested that he would call me back and hasn't yet.

Did this really happen? Was it an excuse to get off the phone? I don't understand, if he didn't want to talk to me at all, why would he call me back?? then 10 minutes into the conversation say this? How about just saying, "I have to go now"

I guess what I just want to know is, would you call someone back if you did not want to talk to them?


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  • I don't know because I had a situation somewhat like that and I felt like the fool because I was calling all the time because he told me to call. So it seem like it took him 3 days to respond so as a female you are going to call to find out if he had forgot about you. But what I notice in my case I just stop calling and all of a suddenly out of the blue he surprised me with calls. And then one day I told him we shouldn't talk anymore and I thought he would call anyway, well instead he did what I told him and I miss hearing his voice and wish I never said that. We email but its not the same at all and I know the next time make sure and be clear of what you say because it could come back and bite you in the butt, and you end up with the broken heart. If I was you I would let him call me I wouldn't call because that gives him a big head its seem you need him, just let him miss you for awhile and don't call. I know its hard but stay busy and don't think about him, if he don't call after a week of not hearing from him, then you got your answer, but let him pursue you and you will feel better. Hope this help!


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  • Hmmm... If I was a gambling man I would say one of two things happened. Either he got a call from someone else on the other line and gave you the slip or he was really getting pulled over and was too lazy to call back. Neither are the answer you are looking for I suppose. Maybe he was fishing for something more and it never happened between you too and he lost interest. Some guys are like that. What made you two start talking I the first place?


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  • Maybe he really got pulled over and was upset about it. Guy's hate talking on the phone. I wouldn't worry about it. He is a friend, keep in touch other way's. Like email, texting..