What do I do with this girl?

ok, so I went out with her first time couple weeks ago, and then she told me she wants to be friends only. nothing physical happened, I tried to go for more, but she really wasn't feeling it. OK we keep texting and she says she misses me etc. we both want to hang out again, and this weekend we go out Saturday, and it went so well, she wanted to hang out yesterday too. Saturday was really fun, and Sunday things started to escalate. we were holding hands at one point, and cuddling a lot, and we were walking arm in arm, I told her I like her and she said when I said that it make her quiet and think...i tried kissing her but she turned away the last second because I think she had thoughts about it. she had am boyfriend for some time and broke up few months ago. should I keep talking to this girl? she just texted me. I don't know what to do.. any advice?


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  • I'm trying to picture myself in her shoes. Either she wants to take it slow and will kiss you when she feels it's "right" or she is not over her ex. I've been hanging out with a guy lately but I'm waiting until the right moment to kiss him. That is a real kiss. I can't just kiss a guy just to kiss him. Keep talking to her and be patient with her. Overtime you'll figure out her intentions.

    • i think you're right here. I think her ex screwed her over. she may have trust issues/

    • she texted me the other day telling me how much she misses me and that it was so much fun hanging out... I told her I missed her too... mmmh should I text her today, is the ball now on my side?

    • You can text her today but don't give her too much attention or you'll get tired of each other and it won't be as exciting anymore. It's helps to take breaks from each other.


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  • It's very difficult to say from what you've wrote. Would you happen to know if she is seeing other guys? I've been in this situation when this girl was seeing another guy at the same time as me and she was confused about her feeling and was all over the place.

    Are you certain that she's over her ex and also when you told her you liked her, did she say she like you back?

  • Maybe she's in an awkward position, like her xboyfwend, want her back, & maybe she's just confused, it'll take time, but don't loose hope!