He's a playboy! Should I stay away from him?

i'm a girl and there's this very popular guy his class is next to mine, when he pass my class he always looks inside and stare me right in the eyes. On Friday, last week, he walked by my class as usual but I ignored him. But because I kinda have a crush on him, I sneaked a peek to look at him nearly before he's gone, but he caught me looking at him, and he stopped, and looked at me for nearly a minute.

This other time, he walked by me in the hallways and he kinda look down at me like most COUPLES do, I'm afraid to talk to him 'cause he's a playboy, so should I just ignore him? avoid him? maybe talk to him? please give me some advice~


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  • When you say he's a "playboy" do you mean he sleeps around? If so I would personally recommend avoiding him (such character's aren't very worthy in my opinion, no offense). But if he's just popular, it sounds like he's being playful and curious, seeing how you'll react. That's not a guarantee, and popular characters can sometimes have hidden agendas.

    Definitely talk to him though:) Ask him what his deal is (in a playful way, of course). Return his playfulness with playfulness - he'll like that, and if he's confident he might even reveal his feelings right there and then (if he has some for you). But yeah, just be friendly and see what happens.


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  • If he is what you say he is, then all he wants is sex. If that's all you want, then fine. If you want something else or something more, then you're only going to end up getting hurt if you pursue him.

  • Okay, so the man in question is a womanizer, right? If you wante to be used, sure, go and talk to him. If your gut tells you not to (which is what I read between the lines in your question above) then avoid him like the plague.


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