Does he do this on purpose?

I have a guy friend I do not like him and he has a girlfriend, but the last 2 times I've texted him, he hasn't replied. One was just a question about homework and one was an inside joke because something happened..Long story haha. So they weren't random annoying texts, or anything flirty or anything mean...Just friendly texts like normal. We have texted a few times before, and he has started the conversation once or twice. So what could be some reasons he doesn't want to reply?


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  • i don't think even he himself knows. this is way WAY To general a situation, the way you describe it, to draw any conclusions


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  • Ask him, that's the only way to get the right answer. Otherwise, just don't text him anymore. Ask someone else about homework.

    I have guy friends who do that to me for whatever reason so I just stopped initiating text conversations. I find that mostly guy friends do this to me and not female friends. I don't waist time trying to figure them out. if they can't put in the time for me, I won't do the same for them. Some people just have poor communication skills, forget to reply to texts, or don't want to speak to someone so they ignore the text.