I'm having guy troubles. What should I do?

So I was on a trip this weekend and I sort of met this guy. I say sort of met because I knew him before, I had just never talked to him. Anyway, I was talking to him because I was hanging out with some other guy friends of mine who are his friends. We ended up hanging out a lot on the trip and I started developing feelings for him. I thought he might be reciprocating because he would be really nice to me, and then we were sitting across from each other at dinner and he would look right at me no matter who he was talking to, and when I would say something funny he would look down and smile really big, and then I said something that I didn’t think he was listening to and he repeated it pretty much word for word in a different conversation later. Then, on the bus ride home, I asked him for his number. He gave it to me and we texted for a while on the way home. Then, suddenly, he stopped texting me. The next day, I sent him a text about some joke from the day before, and it took him like, three hours to text me back and then he abruptly stopped again. I would ask him about it in school, but I don’t see him ever in class. I haven't texted him since Sunday because I don't want to be creepy. I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know why he started acting weird. Help?


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  • Don't base anything off texting. He might just not be a big texter. This has happened to me before and turns out the girl just sucked with her phone.

    Just play it cool, don't text him too often but don't give up entirely. I'd text him again on a day where you think he might not be busy. Maybe suggest hanging out and see if he gets the hint to ask you to do something.

    Basically I think this is all WAY to soon to jump to conclusions on how he might feel about you. Things like this take time. If this behavior continues and he becomes flakey about seeing you, then he's not interested. But as of right now there are no signs that things are "over" between you two. Atleast put in some effort before deciding to throw in the towel. Good Luck!


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  • I am endlessly confused by these situations! Maybe he is just busy, or maybe he is getting the vibe that you like him and he just wasn't interested after all? I would maybe try to send him one more text, and if it doesn't go well I would just move on...