What does that kiss mean?

I was just at a guy friend apartment. He is leaving town to take a job.

We are pretty good friends. I really like him, not sure if he likes me.

I went to say good-bye but his family was around so it was a little awkward to say anything of how I felt so I stayed long enough to say good-bye, keep in touch, etc but I really wanted to tell him how I felt.

When I told him I was leaving I hoped he would walk me to my car so I could tell him. He actually did. But I was the one surprised. He gave me a quick hug and kissed my forehead. For him that is a big step as he is very guarded with his feelings. Then he took off like his head was on fire or something.

What does that kiss mean?


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  • You should've blurted out how you felt. Why didn't you say something sooner? Girl, call him right now! It's never too late.

    • I know. I should have. But he took off so fast I guess he was embarrassed or something.

      He invited me to go see him so maybe that will get the fire going between us.


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