How do you concvince a girl to go to prom when she doesn't want to go?

See I like this girl a lot and we get along vwell. I want to ask her to prom but the thing is that she's very anti-social. she doesn't have a Facebook, twitter or anything like that. She has friends but always walks by herself. So how do I convince her to go to prom with me. Please help. Thanks a lot :DD [p.s. I'm making her a comic book of her superhero along with mine and how they work together to destroy a villain. at the ened he talls her how he feels about her and that's were he asks, "will you go to prom with me." ] THINK THATLLL BE ENOUGH?

I needa say one more thing. She's a junio whose supposed to be a senior. Her credits got messed up But I still wanna take her to prom because she's leaving the city. going to another school so that's another reason I want t o take her. so that she won't miss out.


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  • Lol, how do you know that she doesn't want to go? Did she say that she didn't? Even shy, anti-social girls will think it's flattering to be asked to prom. No matter who it is. If you get along well, that's even better.

    I like that idea. :) Very unique and cool. Obviously, if it says 'will you go to prom with me?' at the end, then it has everything it needs. Try to be there beside her as she reads it. :)

    • Well she didn't say she didn't want to go to prom but I assume she doesn't. She's very to herself that's why. I asked her if she could dance today and she said yes but depends on the music. lol Don't know if that helps at all :/ And thanks. It took me alooong while to do finish it but hopefully its worth it. :)

    • Lol, yeah, I doubt she'll be opposed to going to prom.


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  • wow hmm that should be enough... you should pester her a bit, but don't go to far. ou can't force her...

  • Just because she is anti-social doesn't mean she doesn't want to go to prom. Maybe she does want to go but doesn't feel like she will be asked by anyone. I think you should take the chance and do it. Having a date to a prom is always persuasive. =)


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  • How does not having a fb/twitter automatically make somebody anti-social?

    And just ask her, "Hey, are you planning to go to the prom? I was wondering if you'd like to go to the prom with me." It's that simple. And if she says no, then move on and ask another girl.

    • Like I said.. Just ASK HER. It's not hard. That's the only reasonable way you can get her to go to the prom with you. And if she doesn't, so what? Don't sweat over it. It's high school. Plenty of fish in the sea after you graduate.