What are some things a girlfriend do for her boyfriend?

This is my first steady boyfriend, and he's always doing small sweet things for me, and trying to impress me. I'm touched but I wish he would relax more around me as well.

But mainly, with him being sweet to me and showing me how much he cares, I want to do the same in return. But as the girl, I'm not sure what I can do to show him how much I like him.

What are some things a girlfriend can do for her guy that makes him feel special and appreciated?


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  • Make him a sandwich and watch him play xbox lol But seriously just ask him what he likes and surprise him one day


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  • Feed him! You can make brownies, muffins, cookies, or whatever your strong suit is.

    Write a cute note, use some lipstick to leave your lip imprints on it, and sneak it into his locker/backpack.

  • Im don't intend to sound like an a**hole but my answer would be to blow him lol


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