Why would a guy text someone saying "Hi", and then...?

Why would a guy text someone saying "Hi", and then after the person replies back saying hey, he never writes back? Why? What's the purpose of texting that person if you're not gonna talk? Is this some kind of game people play or something?


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  • they want to get you to think of them

    and it worked. it is a game. so next time he text you again wait about 30min before replying with a short answer (just don't explain why you took too long) when he replies back don't reply again until a couple hours after. (again short answer) he'll see your not his priority and that will keep you on his mind.

    • Ughh your so right! Lately I've been trying to make him think that I'm moving on. Cause he made me really jealous an has been pushing me away. So I'm only doing what he wants, me to get away.. And I have been doing that. Trying to hang up on him quick and not texting him anymore like I use to. And because of that he probably did that. If he ends up calling, should I pretend I'm on the other line and tell him I'm talking to someone, you know to give him a little taste of his own medicine?

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  • If he's saying hi, he either wants to talk to you, or he just wants to get you thinking about him.

    I will on occasion say hi, then either completely forget that I said it..or I won't hear my phone. Other than that, I might just suddenly get really busy.

    The only other option is that he doesn't know where to go with the conversation next. Try to stay away from "what's up", "nothing" because it doesn't really get the conversation going


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  • he wants you to think of him

  • ugh I hate that... I have no idea either, if you figure it out let me know lol!