How soon is too soon to contact a new acquaintance?

It kills me. I'm so paranoid that I have to show interest to get anything going that I think I come off too strong (especially because it's usually texting). I'll tell myself not to, but man when I get my head stuck on attempting to connect with a girl it's hard for me to avoid rushing into usually awkward attempts at hanging out.

Sucky me I know. So ladies, how soon is too soon?


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  • Hmmm once you're out of sight, wait about fifteen minutes, send a flirty, "Miss me yet? :) " it's fun, without being creepy or awkward. It leaks just enough confidence and would make ME smile if a guy sent me that! Even if I wasn't attracted to him, he would definitely make friend status becaise it proves he's fun. Lol depends on the girl, if she gets mad at you for doing something cute like that, then she probably wasn't even worth getting her number.

    • i like this =)

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    • Hmm, depends on the time of day; Morning - "Oh hey, did the sun come up or did you just smile?" (For the confident or if the girl digs corny lines. ) or "Hey, I woke up and thought about you, opps, I think I just sent this text :)" (To be more sweet and playful in my opinion) Night- "Goodnight :) ttyl." Any other time - " I saw.. (something around when you met her or something that was mentioned) and I thought of you, wanna go.. (catch a movie, group hang out, etc) or "U+Me=Hanging out? :)"

    • Haha well put.


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  • Most girls find it flattering when a guy contacts them sooner than later. To me personally, I think it's best to contact within the first 3 days after you meet.


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  • There is no general limit.

    And it's not about when. It's what you say that make you needy or not. If you can relax and look like you care but without any pressure on that person, then it will be all right.

    But if you contact her first time with text like "I need you". You can do it after 6 years and it wouldn't help at all.

    It's good if you don't expect anything. That way girls does not feel any pressure from you and she will have a good time. And that way she will enjoy and seek your company again.

  • 2-3 days