Was I just a rebound or maybe something a little more special to her?

saw this girl for a month. She kissed me, made out with me, snuggled with me, held my hand, and spent time alone with me at my apartment. I took her out to dinner a few times and I also took her to a concert-- I paid of course! She would often tell me about previous guys she was "talking" to and why she dumped them for shallow reasons, such as the way they ate, bad manners etc. Well she also mentioned a guy whom the recently had a crush on. Apparently this other guy was a little reluctant to be with her, but she was still holding on. On Facebook, she would update her status and say how much she missed him. She did this one morning after we spent time together and did our usual making out and kissing. Not being able to deal with it anymore I asked what I was to her and she said we were friends, or that's how she saw it at least. I told her I had feelings for her and she told me she wasn't looking for a boyfriend and that I was wanting to move way too fast and that I was clingy. Well she seemed to be all for the making out and touching that we did, so I don't really get where she coming from. Why would a girl lead me on to think that we were "dating". Like I said, I paid for everything when we went out. I feel like she was pretty selfish and heartless for doing this. I will have to see her again because we work together. I don't think that I can help but be bitter with her..


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  • that's just how some people are- selfish in every aspect. she likes the attention she gets from you (I mean come on, who doesn't?) but it sounds like she doesn't want to get into a relationship because 1. she has baggage from previous ex's or 2. she's not willing to put in the time, energy and commitment into making a relationship work. I don't blame you for feeling bitter; I've been in a similar position... and its not fun. you deserve someone who's willing to dedicate herself to you as much as you are. move on from this one. trust me, it will better for you in the long run.

  • It sucks! Some girls have a certain habit of doing this. They enjoy the attention and often want what they can't have ( ie the other Facebook guy who didn't want her). Sounds as if you were a FWB in her eyes. Maybe you started coming on to strong I don't know but I wouldn't be bitter towards her, your better than that. All you can do is back off completely, pay her no attention and look for another girl! Do this and it wouldn't suprise me if she comes sniffing around again! Then you have to decide whether to repeat the cycle again or not!