What should I do about these two guys?

So I'm best friends with one guy and we both admitted to liking each other but he has a MAJOR crush on this scene girl so he doesn't want to go out with me. I really like him and want to go out with him so should I wait? Or should I go with this other guy, there's another friend (not as close) and he likes me but I'm unsure of my feelings for him. So should I give up on my best friend and try it with this other guy or wait?


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  • He likes you as a friend, but just has a crush on that scene girl. And crushes just happen and you can't change feelings for someone you have a crush on out of nowhere, so make him more interested by you by make him feel special, but don't say you still want him as your boyfriend (don't say you don't want him to be, just don't say you want him to be). Then you aren't a second choice anymore if it doesn't work out with the scene girl. And he will become interested in you because you aren't just another option anymore.

    Also, be happy an confident around him, not trying to be too cute, but.. cuteness could help though. Especially since he is interested in a scene girl, those girls mostly are cute =p


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  • it's more of a challenge to try to get him away from the other girl, and you can tell your grandkids about how you did that. So try the best friend. Find out some gossip about his crush, that shouldn't be hard...

    • I don't want to blackmail him out of liking her, the worst part about it is that she has no interest in him at all, and she currently got out of a relationship with another girl so I feel like she's more into girls then guys but for whatever reason, he is still trying to get her.

    • Not blackmail, just a little propaganda! Good grief, she's even bi and he still is entralled! Maybe he's trying to prove his manhood or something!

  • Don't wait. If he's able to say "yeah I like you, but I like this other chick more" he clearly doesn't like you *that* much.

    • Well he said he was confused, but I get the feeling he likes her much much more.

    • Plenty of people say they're "confused" when they're in denial about liking a person or not. If you're not worth the majority of his attention when it comes to women then you're basically being strung along.

  • Oh as for the other guy, if you don't have feelings for him, or you're unsure about you're feelings, don't try something with him. It will ruin the friendship, and it probably won't work out because you miss the feelings you had for the guys you've dated before.

    Don't go in a relationship just so you're not single anymore, that never works out ;)


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