When he decides between two girls, how do you become the #1 girl?

What always happens to me that is so annoying is when there is this guy I like, and he likes me and another girl. He always chooses the other girl and I was wondering how do I break that pattern? I am not this cocky in real life, but I am talented, pretty, athletic, artistic, and deep. The other girls that usually stand in my way are also pretty, probably have more of a "cool" factor than me, or more mature than me (if the guy is older) Guys, tell me what I have to do to exceed the other girl! And right now I really like this guy, he's told me he likes me, but I am too scared to tell him I like him too and I think it maybe too late!


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  • How do you become the #1 girl? Simple,you find the right guy! The right guy will not have a second choice, it will only be you and you'll know it. Tell this guy you like him, if he's serious about liking you then it won't be too late.

    • if I tell him I like him and even if it is not too late, I don't know if he will forget the other chick, and I'll look dumb

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    • I really think you should look for different types of guys! You shouldn't have to compete with another girl, and the way he's bragging shows what kind of guy he is, sounds like he's looking for a trophy girlfriend.

    • yeah that's what I was afraid of and yeah, I'm kindof mad at him now for leading me on in the first place. I think I'm just not going to talk to him anymore/ ignore his words :)


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  • FTOG


    dating is a (perceived) scarcity game. if you are all invested in this one guy who isn't even holding you in a special regard, what you do is you are ensuring the worst possible treatment of your feelings

  • ironically by being clingy/needy than the other one. I had two girls I was seeing once and I ended up being with the girl who was more chill and relaxed about everything. In your case, you say the other girl is more cool.. which is probably what's attracting him to her. What about her is cool?

    • well in the last case she was cool, layback, and seems like she is mysterious. Me having 99% intuition, she did really have much going for her. I do seem chill and layback on the outside sometimes I just am oversensitive and my sadness the end when it doesn't work gets the best of me.

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    • haha I keep forgetting to mention I also do not give all my information away and thus lessening my "mysterious factor"

    • lol. the weird thing is when you try to be mysterious, its just hmm.. not natural. I bet there are real things that are mysterious about you, just they don't get noticed.

  • If I foundout the a woman I was seeing was dating another guy, I would leave. I think you should do the same

    • i forgot to add that I'm not even going out with him just I know he likes me and I was shy so I pushed him away a bit and now he's bragging on Facebook how he got this new chick and yeah...

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  • Start liking NEW guys , you should never be anyone's second choice. If a guy really likes you then he just likes YOU. No other girl should be on his mind.