Should I ask him to prom?

i just met this guy a couple weeks ago at a party. we've talked off and on. the other day I talked to him online and I say hi to him when I see him. He's cute, funny awkward and doesn't talk much. I pass him in the hall ways at school. by the way he's a junior, I'm a senior. all of his guy friends are getting prom dates this week. and I think he's next... I know this because my best guyfriend is good friends with him. I really want to go to prom with him, but I don't know if its too soon and I don't know if the girl should ask. I just really need your guys help. sincerly Awkward


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  • You should ask him, when I was in high school last year I would have loved for a girl to ask me to go to prom.


What Girls Said 1

  • ask him! you don't want to miss you chance