Five dates and no kiss...

I've been on 5 dates with a great guy to various places over the past month. We get on well. He's held my hand, we've cuddled a lot, and he's kissed my forehead and cheek, but no kiss on the mouth. What gives?

Does he just want to be friends? I don't know how to ask him if he's attracted to me without sounding desperate. I am 24 and completely clueless about dating (due to various religious and life factors) and I feel lost at sea, to be honest. I like him, but I don't mind if he doesn't like me at this stage, it wouldn't break my heart or anything. Would he keep asking me out if he just wanted to be friends?


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  • If he didn't like you, he wouldn't have kissed you at all. If he just wanted to be friends, he wouldn't have taken you out on 5 dates. He's being a gentleman by not rushing to start sucking face.


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  • Maybe. If you're not bothered by him liking you or not, then why are you dating him?

    • I like him, but I'm not stupid and don't want to get emotionally attached to a guy who I can't be sure likes me back... My point is I wouldn't be completely destroyed if he wasn't attracted to me, I just wanna know if he is so things can move along a little...

    • ok, so next time he 'kisses you' manoeuvre your head so that his kiss lands on your lips. If he pulls away, your question will be answered.

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  • I think that what the size of the relationship between you and ask him to talk openly..