So, my best guy friend came over to hang out and he kissed me, and I kissed back?

We were at my house by ourselves, and were sitting on my couch in my living room, talking about my ex. He said that he didn't deserve someone as special, and beautiful as me. I looked at him, and smiled, kind-of blushing.

He smiled back, crookedly, like he does when he's nervous. Then he leaned into me, and kissed me.

I kissed him back, too. I don't know why. He moved me onto his lap, and kissed me so gently. I pulled away, and shook my head. Then he said that he should go, and he just left me there on the couch, alone.

I'm so confused. I miss my ex, but I think that I'm falling for my guy friend too? Help, please, what should I do? Everything is so f***ed up.


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  • well if you kissed back, it sounds like you like him too. and if you guys are so close, he must be a good guy right? but if you guys are so close, you obviously wouldn't want to potentially lose him as a friend. so I understand why you're confused, especially if you miss your ex. but also, you and your ex obviously broke up for a reason. there had to have been some conflict or loss of interest right? try thinking about why you guys broke up in the first place. also, you might wanna try this, even though it sounds stupid: get two chairs and like sit in one and pretend that you decided to pursue your feelings with your friend. think about the pros/cons of being with him. then sit in the other one and pretend that you got back together with your ex, and do the same thing. it sounds stupid but it helps, trust me ha ha hope this helped!


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  • He likes you and thinks you somewhat rejected him.


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  • Well it sounds like the guy really likes you, and you may have scared him away by the way you reacted. I would maybe suggest you two hang out again, if you like him of course