What did I do to him, guys?

Ok, I was chatting with this guy, I won't say when, and I forgot most of what I said, but I remember this part: I was thinking of things to say cause I was nervous, I said I get nervous talking to guys at first, then he says why? and I for some reason said I don't know cause they're hot? Then a little laughing face which is a x and a D, Then next thing you know he signs off. Then unfriends me! I tried leaving messages but he just deletes them. What did I say!? Did I scare him? I really wanna know.

Also, I forgot to mention he blocked me as well :'( were not a couple, but it still kinda hurts, please help?


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  • Don't beat yourself up for it. You did nothing wrong. You are entitled to say whatever you want. People who care for each other don't get rid of their friends easily like that. You should be happy that his true colors showed early. You may have developed some feelings for him. It's better he turned into a jerk early in your friendship. He never cared about you. It's pretty obvious. I think he has some problems in his head, literally. Nothing you had done deserved this kind of treatment.

    I bet he likes to play with girls' emotions. It gives him an ego boost. I'm sorry you've been a prey but look at the bright side. You got rid of he jerk! I pity the next girl who will fall into his trap. Honey, you gotta smile and be happy. To hell with him. :)


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  • This makes no sense whatsoever to me -- you're probably better off without him.

    At worst, what you wrote sounds a little childish.

  • It sounds like he was offended (dont know why) and is being rude to cut ties.


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