2 guys, ohio guy have a hidden message?

Im going to try to make this short so here it goes. I had a fling with a guy who had a girlfriend of about 5 years last year. We went to the same college in pennsylvania. I lived in Pa and he lived in Ohio which was where his girlfriend lived and went to school. It was more then a fling though, we spent everyday together and I believe we both fell in love with one another. It turns out that we were transferring to different colleges our junior year (which is this current year) and we both cried and he said he would visit me since he was not willing to try a long distance relationship with me which I was willing to do. He never visited in the summer like he promised yet we texted all the time (he didn't break up with his girlfriend until the end of the summer) through the school year this year we've been texting still and once again he has promised to see me about 3 times and never came which got me upset because I still loved him and wanted to see him. He claimed he didn't have enough money and that he couldn't see me in the summer because he still had a girlfriend at the time.He texts me that he misses me and thinks about me yet he doesn't do anything about it. Well, I met a guy through the guy from ohio at our campus named drew. We hung out over winter break and we ended up having a crush on each other. It turns out I found out that he liked me for about a year. He transferred to the ohio school that the guy from ohio transferred too, plus their roommates. drew has voiced to me that he wants me to be his girlfriend in the future so possibly in the summer we will make it offical and he is willing to make the long distance relationship work where as the guy from ohio was not willing to do. I realized that the guy from ohio was a jerk yet I still love him and probably always will he kind of is to be the guy that got away even though he was a jerk to me. So to move on, I deleted him from my friends on Facebook and his number so I can forget him. After I deleted him about 15 minutes later I gt a message on Facebook from the guy from ohio saying: Hey, I was going to text but I remembered you got a new phone, but listen just wanted to say I think about you a lot and it still bugs me how I think you view me or us. I'll never try to come between you or drew and you don't have to answer me back I just wanted to say that to make me feel better. The "make me feel better part" really got me like what a jerk. And he did not even have to say that I mean he did not want to try to do a relationship with me and what he just told me did not really need to be said ya know? plus he is kind of interfering with me and drews relationship. I like Drew he is such a sweet guy but I still think about the guy from ohio because I loved him and he always comes in and out of my life. Should I respond or not say anything? did I do the right thing because if he "thought about me alot" he would come and try to visit me right?like what did that note mean? Thanks!


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  • Say nothing.

    Yeah, you did the right thing.

    The note meant exactly what it said. No more, no less.


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  • Easy gorget about the other guy. If that guy drew it actually idling to commit to you and he's sweet to you why would you jeopardize that for a guy the first cheated on his 5yr girlfriend, so what can assure you he won't do the same to you plus he's not willing to commit or to be with you in a serious relations the mean he does want you enough. you deserve a guy that want to be with you no matter the circumstances. Think well so you don't regret.