Should I move on or keep trying?

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I started liking a guy recently and it seemed like he liked me too. However, his ex came back into his life after she dumped him for her previous ex of over a year. She is sort of my friend but is not a trustworthy person. She is still dating her boyfriend and also flirting/almost dating the guy I like(they kiss) but he doesn't know about her boyfriend and vice versa. I feel like that is unfair to both guys right? Anyways, I really like this guy and I know he use to like me too so should I try again? Or just let him continue his almost relationship with the other girl? I feel like either way I'm going to end up sad :l thanks ahead..


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  • Well.. it can't be any good to pull the guy from her hands in any way, even by letting him know what a cheater she is. You want a guy to be yours because he chose to, because he thinks you are the best , and not because his girlfriend left him or he couldn't find anything better at the time .. Put a price on yourself and back off , show him you lost interest ! , he has to know that you respect yourself and you will not degrade yourself and wait for him to finish with his ex and then maybe look for you.. go over him, if one day he will realize you are what he wants, make him win you .. let him show you that he wants you for who you are , and not just because you are the next available girl ..

    In a nutshell , I would back off and show him intense disinterest.. he can't just show that he likes me and then fool around with his girlfriend. good luck!

    • That is what I was thinking too, you're right. I'm going to try and show disinterest, thanks for the advice, it was helpful :)


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  • I'd move away. You're in a messy situation and you want to be with a guy who isn't half foot in wig you and half in another girl. Move on, you're young and there will be many guys ahead.

    • Yeah I've decided to do that, thank you :)

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  • move on he's not interested.