Is it annoying to receive texts everyday?

I text the man I'm dating everyday. I try not to but I just want to say hi. I'll always wait until he replies before I send a second texts because I don't want to look needy or high maintenance... But I am always the one to texts first. Do you think texting everyday annoys him? Would it annoy you? Or would you like to get texts from the girl your dating?


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  • I would love to gets texts from a girl I like everyday.I don't think I would get tired of it.I think it shows someone you care for them and want to be involved in there life.It would not annoy me.I would be texting the girl I like too and sometimes I would probably send the first text.If he is busy it might annoy him.How long does he take to respond, if it always takes along time for him to respond even when you know he is at home and not busy chances are it is annoying him or he doesn't care unfortunately,but it maybe be also he doesn't know what to say or have anything to say.You may be the one to text him first because he might be busy and he might be waiting till he is off work or not busy to text you.You could try not texting him for a few days and see what happens.And how often do you see him?Does he want to see you and happy to see you when he does?When he does see you is he only interested in sex and not anything else like talking and asking how your day was and what you did?Does he make excuses for why he didn't text you back or can't see you?Does he say as little as possible when he is texting you back and not have anything to say to you?

    I was texting a girl and we were "just friends".It was not everyday.I did want to be more then friends and I had told her this but I would have settled for friends.I knew her from before and recently started to talk to her again.I only texted her like 6 times total in 3 weeks.I know she did have contact with another guy but since she wouldn't say anything I don't know if it was serious or not.And I slowed down and stopped quickly when she did the following.She would not say much of anything.Stop replying a short time after we would be texting back and forth,then make excuses for why she stopped.Not respond at all for days.I asked her if she wanted to talk to me and she would say yes I am just busy.I told her multiple times that if she didn't want to talk to me it wouldn't hurt my feelings or anything like that and that it was not really a big deal.So finally she was just ignoring me which pissed me off because I had told her just to tell me and I wouldn t text her ever again.I couldn't understand why she couldn't just say it.I also told her just to tell me the truth whatever that might be if she was thinking of getting to know me better before she met other people that is cool,she just wanted to f***,she ? whatever I don't care.I told her nothing she could say would make me hate her or mad.So I finally determined that she was trying to play me or something and trying to mind f*** me.I deleted her number and told her to have a nice life and that if that is how she treats her friends then I don't want to know her.I don't see how any sane person could do that to someone, so I am sure she has some major head problems and is a sociopath or pyschotic.I guess this is how she told me she didn't want anything to do with me.To me it is pretty f***in chicken sh*t and fake to do it this way even for a girl.

    • I didn't text her at work and I didn't expect her to respond right away and gave her plently of time to respond.I did sometimes send a lot texts back to back when I knew she was watching and she was not at work cause I had a lot to say then I realized that when the phone is always going off it would be annoying so I appoligized for doing that and didn't do it anymore.I probably should have just called her,but I know she likes to text so that why I sent texts. Oh well lol just thought id share the exp


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  • Wouldn't bother me. I am usually hoping a girl will text me or if we're just getting to know each other, offer up her phone number. I think as long as the texts aren't the same ole stuff every day, like, "How's your day going so far?" or "How's work going?" or something like that all the time every day, it's nice to know that someone is interested in what you're up to. There's nothing more annoying than sending a text or an email for that matter and never getting a response. Waiting to get a text back seems like a smart move, but at the same time it's just nice to know someone wants to hear from you. If a guy gets annoyed by that kind of thing, it shows he's too low-may and maybe doesn't have anything interesting to talk about.

    It's cool that you asked for personal preferences. The more answers you get, the better you'll be able to see which side guys tend to be on.

  • It really depends on each person. Some people enjoy receiving the attention. Some people will be annoyed. A good and easy to find out if he likes it when you text him everyday is to ask him :)

    For a hint, it seems like he doesn't mind having no texts or too many texts. He also maybe trying to not look needy to you so that he is a manly boyfriend. Just ask him and respect his response and what he wants.

  • So long as texts are treated like snail mail or at least email and don't expect a reply with deadline, these can be love in the pocket to brighten any day ... so be clear about this.

    If they become "pressure to respond", then it's another phone ringing, cab/flight to catch, distraction that can cause consequences, etc. = leave me the hell alone until after work!

    • He always takesa while to respond because he is super busy. I used to make comment, but I don't anymore I just leave it... So I guess that it is better.

  • Yes, it's annoying. We're not supposed to say that, but yes it's annoying.

    If you have something to say, phone. Because when it comes to girls, it's never just one text. It's always the start of a back-n-forth conversation that moves soooooooo slowly, and you can't really do anything else while the phone is buzzing every few minutes with another text. Especially when you know that she'll give you sh*t if you don't respond right away.

    • :) neither of us like talking on the phone:)

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