She means the world to me...what do I do?

So there's this girl named Jacki. I met her this past semester at school. At first we didn't hit things off but after we got to know each other, we started talking more and hanging out almost every night. We have a lot in common and I was the one who wanted a relationship but she was still getting over her ex boyfriend. For awhile I was cool with it. Nothing changed between us and we still hung out alot. But the wierdest thing happened and one day she said I was too good for her and that I deserved to be with someone better. She was crying and I tried telling her that it wasn't true but she told me that it was, between gasps of breath from the crying. She said she needed space, so I gave it to her and haven't talked to her much at all since then. She thinks I hate her, which I don't at all. This girl means the world to me and I don't think I have another shot with her. I need some advice on what to do. Thanks for any and all advice, Because she really does mean the goddamn world to me and I miss her more each and everyday.


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  • Talk to her, tell her what you said, tell her she means the world to you and that you want her. Then kiss her. Like a movie-moment. :)


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  • Go and talk to her! Tell her what you feel!