What do girls look for on first dates? And Ideas Plz

I'm taking her on a date finally. We have know each other for a while, and shared much info about each other. We have hung out, but not on a date yet. I'm worried because I don't know if there is anything specific girls look for or expect on there first date. This girl is really special to me because we share the same interest and dreams. She is the epitome of what I look for in another human.

Also is the fact I don't know my way around where she lives, or what's "cool" up there. She said she will figure something out, but "cool" any first date suggestions that are "cool" and fun would be helpful (not dinner and a movie).


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  • Go for a hike if the weather allows. See something new, be outside in the fresh air and it allows you time alone and plenty of time to talk. Be chivalrous, polite to others and ask her question about herself. On a first date a women will pay attention to how you treat her and how you treat others. She wants you to show interest in her, the best way to do that is ask about her life.


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  • Well girls look for a guy to be confident even if he doesn't know what he is doing .. it's okay to not know stuff .. just don't be ashamed of it! .. don't try too hard to impress her, be nice, be a gentleman and keep it natural! I can't really suggest date ideas because randomness is always much more fun, it depends on the place and your moods.. so keep it spontaneous and always be ready to try anything :) good luck

    • When you say ''...be confident even if he doesn't know what he is doing." Where exactly is the cutoff line between confident and cocky to you? I've always wondered this...

    • I don't know what cocky means .. but I ll rephrase what I said again: You don't have to know everything, since he mentioned that he doesn't know the place there.. and that's fine! .. just be confident of the fact that you don't know .. some guys would pretend they know everything and in reality they know nothing , that sucks! I hope I made myself clear.

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  • What kind of things does she like to do? Favorite foods? When are you going on a date with her? Do you have time to look up what is ''cool'' where she lives (or something not too far from where she lives)?