Boyfriend is text messaging another girl

I saw that my boyfriend has been texting some girl he went on a few dates with when we broke up for a few months. The text messages seemed innocent, but when I looked again I noticed that he keeps deleting some of the messages and he even changed her name in his cell(he deleted her last name and kept her first name probably because we have another friend with the same first name). I figure this is so I won't know which makes me feel even more weird about it. I don't think he is meeting up with her or anything but it still bugs me that he wants to talk to her especially since he isn't a big talker in general. Why would he want to text her sometimes? It's not like they are good friends or anything. Is it because he is still hoping they will date? I don't know what to do :( we have been together for over two years.


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  • he's planning to cheat if he hasn't already. sorry to be so blunt but he's talking to her for a reason, and it isn't to be friendly. he's inviting temptation for a reason and hiding it from you for a reason. nothing good can come from this. actually I'm glad you went through his phone because if you hadn't then you probably wouldn't find out about this girl he's texting


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  • Stop going through his phone, for starters.

    It's a 50/50 in my opinion. You'll just have to trust him.


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  • I would be concerned too if I was in your shoes. not OK with that. talk to him and tell him how uncomfortable you are with the situation