Would a disinterested guy reply with that?

My friend moved out of town and I accidentally sent a text meant for her to this guy saying it sucks here now, wish you could've stayed and he replied in 2 seconds flat (before I had a chance to say sorry wrong person) with "it's alright I'm here." I like this guy and recently friend zoned him to my regret and since then he hasn't talked to me much so I assumed he was annoyed at me or something. But I figure he could've text back "what the hell?" or nothing at all, so could I still have a shot at getting his interest back, given his reply?


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  • If he hadn't spoken to you in a while I imagine he knew it wasn't for him but is still interested if he replied that way. But don't expect him to make any moves on you if you have already rejected him once. You'll have to pursue him now!


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  • The fact he replied immediately w/something rather flirtatious shows he wanted to get that comment in before you said "sorry wrong person." is a good sign.

    I think a guy who doesn't like you wouldn't reply at all, texts are easily ignored. Most people would say "was that meant for me?" or something along those lines. I really doubt an uninterested guy would say something so bold.