What do I choose Love or Lust?

Ive been engaged now for 2years, been with my partner for 2years, had an amazing relationship to begin with, now I'm not so sure what I want...

The two years we've been together has by no means been easy and id never consider cheating on him, he's an amazing guy, nice, genuine, lyal, overall I think he's just to nice for me...

We Haven't been having sex for the last half a year, however I'm being complimented left right and centre by a gorgeous guy I work with, he's what youd call a ''dream'' guy :/ now I never looked at him like it until recently and the thought of something happening make me so excited, more excited than I've felt in such a long time :/ however to complicate matters, except working together, he has a mrs himself, a 2year old child on the way, from the signals I've been getting he's game and recently I've been thinking more and more about the suggestive comments and the uncontrolable flirting...

Goshhh I'm majorly confused right now, maybe I settled down too soon, I'm only 2, mayhbe its time to have some fun ?|


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  • have some fun, but why with someone elses man, morals are essential, and what goes around comes around, just remember when some girl ends up in bed with someone you really love and have a kid with, all she needs to do is tell you that it was some fun, why are some girls so hell bentt on splitting a perfectly working relationship up, it shocks me when people even bother getting married anymore, when people are willing to do what they can to split you up, sorry if this sounds harsh, but seriously, would you allow your fella to shag some girl for fun, just because she was bored, why don't you concentrate on your own relationship instead of ruining someone elses, think about it,x


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  • Love lasts longer than lust. Lust is more fun for a muuuuuuuch shorter time. On the other hand, Lust can become love with time.

    That's just general though. For your situation specifically... well, stay right away from him. You'll only complicate both his and your life. It's not going to be worth it, and the situation can only end unhappily. If you're worried about settling down too soon, well, talk about it with your boyfriend in the most calm, non-"I don't want to have sex with your or be with you" way possible that you might want to spread your loins and get more sexed up.

    Or ask him to have sex more. You are asking him for sex and he's turning you down, right? Or is the problem that you don't actually want to have sex with him?

  • I'm just going to tell you exactly what I would do in your situation.

    I would first try to make things work. Give it a serious effort. If the relationship has gone stale beyond recovery then I'd split up. I wouldn't start trolling around for other partners while I'm with someone because that could break their heart.

    If the relationship ends and you both are okay with seeing other people then I'd go for it. But I probably wouldn't go after a married person. It just a bag of drama waiting to burst open. Maybe if they were REALLY attractive and it were just sexual.. Then I might fall for that like the brainless meat head that I am.

  • Why aren't you having sex?

    • We've had a lot to deal with recently - we've both started dealing with it in different ways, I work 54+hours a week, when I'm at home he's not and vice versa, id never hurt him'cos I've been hurt too much, I hate myself for feeling like this... :[

    • Then make time to have sex. Obviously it's a big deal.

  • "I think he's just to nice for me..." I agree. Homewreckers like you and cheaters like that "dream guy" really should be together. Damn, I feel sorry for your partners and that guys kid.

    • Im not a homewrecker, id never cheat on him but I'm worried that because we've both had issues that we've just drifted apart too much :|

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  • Don't get involved with a guy who already has a relationship with someone else. just imagine the hurt that you would feel if it was your relationship, and the hurt that his girl would feel. Wouldn't you feel remorse? Its not right. Figure things out with your man, or end it...but don't ruin things with somebody else. Hope everything works out!